About Me…

I am a 49 year old writer at heart and this is my outlet.  My topics will vary widely, and I hope you’ll visit often! Blogging is my passion and I will be making changes as I learn.

By profession, I am a special education teacher of students with significant cognitive disabilities who reside in a long-term care facility.  My job is deeply rewarding, and completely unpredictable on a day-to-day basis.

I am a mom to two awesome young men and I am divorced. I am in transition, and I’m figuring things out day by day as I continue on my journey.

I know that there are tons of blogs out there. I read a lot of them myself, and I’m finding that many of the bloggers are younger women, (younger in this case means under 35) and I don’t know if that means that I’m looking in the wrong places, or that women of a certain age aren’t as tech savvy as their younger counterparts.  So I’m older, and I love all things techy and I like to keep aware of social media happenings.  I didn’t feel like there were many (or any) blogs that were a good fit for me demographically, so I said “what the heck? I can write and be semi-entertaining” so here I am.  My little blog has been a work in progress.  I have a very small (and I do mean small!) but faithful following and hopefully that will expand very soon.

I hate typos and grammatical errors, but I still mess up sometimes so don’t beat me up about it.  I have an especially hard time since when I text, I don’t have to capitalize or insert punctuation because my phone does it for me. I have developed some bad habits by texting. So don’t be shocked by my little “i” when I’m referring to myself or the missing apostrophe in my contractions! Nor by the inevitable run-on sentences that “stream of consciousness” writing tends to create!

Thanks for visiting and reading!



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