Lessons Learned in 2017


Nothing is as bad as it seems while it’s happening.

When you are in the midst of turmoil, it’s the worst. You can’t see the end or a way to the end. No one has had a worse experience than you, and you are in it alone. When it ends, (and it always does ) you realize that there are other survivors of your type of turmoil. You survived, and you hopefully had a take away, so you don’t have to repeat the lesson.

What you see on your Facebook newsfeed is not how your friends are really doing.

People post their highlight reels.  Most people do not post their everyday realities, just the good stuff that they are proud enough to share.  It’s really annoying with some people, when you know for a fact that IRL, they are going through hell with their job/spouse/kids/life.  I finally did what I have been putting off all year, and deactivated my Facebook account.  Maybe I’ll reactivate it next year, maybe I won’t, but I will definitely be taking a break.

Your “ride or dies” and your “fair-weather-friends” always line up and reveal themselves when your life goes sideways.

You can have a ton of friends, while everything is going well with you. Then things take a turn, and you really need a friend, the “men separate from the boys” and those who remain are your true blues. Those are the ones who really are there for you.

It’s never too late to start over.

There’s nothing wrong with ripping out all the old pages in the book of your life and starting over from scratch. So here we go…



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