A Grinch Day


So, hopefully Wednesday will bring a better time than Tuesday. You know how some days you just feel kind of flat? Things that would normally make you smile or laugh, just don’t. Your usually cheery disposition, just isn’t. You’re not really in a bad mood, but you’re not exactly yourself either. Those days when it would take very little to make you either cry or flick off on somebody, and there’s no way to predict which of the two would happen until it did? Tuesday was one of those days. If I had to rate today on a scale of cartoon characters, (I know. Random, right?) Today would be rated, The Grinch.
BUT, the day turned around, late in the afternoon, when my boss saved the day and replaced our iPad 4s with new iPad Pros! So my work day ended with a bang, and my mood was, thankfully lifted a bit.



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