Ex’s and Oh’s



(blogged while listening to Elle King)

So life keeps moving right along, and things that you thought would last forever, change.  What can you do? That which does not change is dead.  Roll with it!  #getyourlife  #loveyourself  There are things that exist in your life that do not serve you.  Those things should be placed on your “Ex” list as things to eliminate.  Things that give you life, on the other hand, should go on the “Oh” list as things you want to more fully embrace. Hence the title, Ex’s and Oh’s…(plus I like the song)

So here’s my short list…


  1. The pains of the past. It’s all forgiven, let’s just move on. Next…
  2. My clothes that are too big now since I’ve lost weight. Even though I’m still losing, I need to go shopping, and I need to get rid of the big stuff instead of holding on to it “just in case” lol.
  3. Negative self-talk.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  4. Listening to the unsolicited opinions of others.  They are just that, opinions, and no one can decide for you what’s right for you, but you!
  5. Worrying about what THEY will think.  Who are THEY?? What right do THEY have to try to dictate what you do? THEY only have opinions! (reread #4)


  1. Friendships.  The old, the resurrected, and make some new ones too.
  2. New hobbies (Look for upcoming features in Which Craft section)
  3. Travel.  See new places both near and far.  Explore local tourist spots where you live, and places of interest in your state within driving distance. Visit a state you’ve never been to.  If you haven’t gotten a passport yet, get one and #seesomeworld
  4. Volunteer.  Nothing feels better than giving of yourself to help a cause.                      
  5. Make time for “Me” time.  If you haven’t done a good job of taking care of yourself in the past, there’s no time like your new present to start doing so!

Here’s to better times!

xxxx & oooo



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