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Demetria Lucas: A Belle at BlogHer 2014


If you have heard of Demetria Lucas, you may remember her as a Relationship Editor for Essence magazine.  You might know her as a successful author of a relationship book , or you may have become familiar with her as a prominent member of the blogging community. If you became aware of her fairly recently, it was probably as a result of her being a cast member on the Bravo tv network’s “Blood Sweat and Heels” earlier this year.

Lucas, a journalist, author, life-coach and blogger,  has a significant social media following that has probably multiplied since the series aired. Many appreciate her no-nonsense approach and cut-to-the-chase style of advice for the single girl.

This past weekend, Lucas participated in BlogHer 2014, a national blogging conference held in Silicon Valley this year, where she had the opportunity to interview the keynote guest, actress and activist, Kerry Washington.


In addition to the Instagram and Twitter posts from the conference that Lucas shared with her followers, she posted on her blog afterwards. She told the story of how she came to be asked to do the interview, she gave details from behind the scenes and she let us feel her excitement and her anxieties. Personally, I appreciated her openness and willingness to share her feelings and it was a really interesting piece.

Recently, her first book, “A Belle in Brooklyn” was re-released digitally, and is being followed soon by her second book, “Don’t Waste Your Pretty.”  Check out her blog at:


                               image                              image


Demetria Lucas is a native of Prince Georges County, Maryland and is a graduate of the University of Maryland and NYU. She resides in Brooklyn, of course.


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