See Your Way to Success!

With a new year comes the inevitable New Year’s resolutions. Many of us make ridiculously unattainable resolutions that we end up abandoning before Valentine’s Day or sooner.  Others of us make reasonable resolutions, but we lack the follow-thru to make them work.  

I took the anti-resolution route this year. There are, of course, some things that I want to work on and accomplish this year, but I didn’t feel like resolutions were the answer for me. So I was making a list in my head, and I was pondering writing it down somewhere.  Then I ran across a post by one of my favorite bloggers about vision boards.

If you are not familiar with vision boards, they are visual representations of things that you choose to aspire to, work towards or achieve.  Almost a visual bucket list of sorts. Typically they are like posters with clippings, headlines and pictures from magazines. You display the poster someplace prominent in your daily routine with the purpose of helping you focus on your goals and visualize your success. Some people prefer a portable version and make vision journals or notebooks.  I have a vision notebook that I started last year and have yet to complete. For me, the drawback to the notebook is visibility.  You have to make a conscious effort to open it and look at it on a regular basis, or it’s not effective.  The thing that I like about the notebook is that you can take it with you to work or wherever.

Another option for the digitally inclined is Pinterest.  This site features virtual pin boards that eliminates the need to cut up your magazines and break out the glue sticks. Your headline options may be more limited, but the selection of pictures is endless.  I love Pinterest personally, and I have several boards, but two in particular are dedicated vision boards. One is actually entitled “Vision” and includes home design elements for my dream home, the new laptop that I want, the new puppy that I want, etcetera.  The other is called my “Destination Bucket List” and features places that I would like to one day visit.  The sky’s the limit for what you can include or the format that you choose to display it.

Another popular vision board trend is the vision board party.  You invite some friends over, have them bring some magazines to share and cut, drinks and food can be provided or you can potluck it, and you provide the workspace.  It can be a great girlfriend bonding activity or just another reason to get together with your girls.  Whatever you choose, make it work for you! Please submit pictures of your finished products!.

These are links to a three part series about how to create vision boards!





3 thoughts on “See Your Way to Success!

  1. I love your page lay out. I too work with special needs little people as a therapist across all natural settings. I am developing a format to facilates (coaching) wellness sessions on a grass roots level in my community. I am looking to start working on dream board creations with children and there families. Sucess begins with positive thoughts sprikle into many beams of action.

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