Sense of Purpose

 I am one of those people who always look for opportunities to serve.  Serving others seems to be in my nature.  My first job was a volunteer position at age 14 that I worked until I was old enough to drive to a paid job.  (Actually, I did both for a while) I chose a college major dedicated to helping others and changed careers 16 years later only to choose another career in a helping field.  I even joined a sorority whose purpose centers around “service to all mankind.”

During periods of my life when I was not working, (I did the stay-at-home mom thing for three years) I worked two volunteer jobs before going to grad school full-time.  I can’t help myself!

So for the past few years, I have been working my full-time job and life has thrown me my share of curve balls, like everyone else.  I have been missing my service, so I think I’m going to find myself a volunteer opportunity this summer, or maybe even take up a cause on my own, and start my own opportunity for others to volunteer!

Tell me about your volunteer experiences!


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