Scandal’s Back!

If you have been living under a rock, you may not have heard about Shonda Rhimes’ newest show, “Scandal” starring Kerry Washington on ABC.  The show, in it’s second season,  has been on a four week hiatus, and fans of the show (AKA Gladiators) are chomping at the bit to see the next installment of the show.

The “Scandal” phenomena has inspired all kinds of watch parties tonite, for diehard Gladiators and newbies alike.  “Scandal” is the new sensation in primetime drama, and it is making history too.  Kerri Washington is the first African-American female to star in a primetime drama on network tv since “Get Christy Love” in 1974.  That’s crazy!  It’s been 39 years, and that shows’ star, Teresa Graves was the first.  Also, Shonda Rhimes is the only African-American/female writer to have three shows in production concurrently, EVER. (Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and Scandal)

The winter premier happens tonite at 10pm eastern time, and today I am going to feature a post from a fellow blogger that recaps the last episode and brings you up to speed! Enjoy this post, and watch “Scandal” tonite.  Also if you’d like to enhance your viewing experience, Kerry Washington usually live tweets during show airings, so follow her on Twitter (@kerrywashington) while you watch!

Again, I did not write the following recap! It is informative and hilarious, and for that, I thank you Awesome Lovvie!

(from www.awesomelovvie.com 12.14.12)

I’m Blown Away by Scandal’s Winter Finale: Episode 9 Recap

The fact that it’s gonna be four weeks until we get to see a new Scandal episode is currently killing me softly. Because this last winter episode was so good that I was gagging when it was done. Every time we think we’ve figured out these characters, their stories and why they do what they do, we’re proven all the way wrong. Let’s just get into the tea!

Press Conference Shade – VP Sally Langston (I refuse to refer to her as Madame President) has a press conference where she’s telling the nation bout how the President is in critical condition and painting this bleak picture for everyone. I am not here for this hateful Ginger! SHE TRYNA LEAVE HIM FO’ DED!

What the Huck? – As Harrison naps, he’s woken up by Huck who says “The person they’re looking for. The one they think shot the President. That’s me.” Little Red Riding Good is here and Liv isn’t in the office so Harrison calls her. She’s tryna tell him to handle whatever the problem is when he barks “Get your ass back here NOW!” I love when he gets all forceful. HEY BOO HEY!

What The Huck Scandal

As the Gladiators surround him in the conference room, Huck explains what happened. His girlfriend Becky called him saying she’s relapsing into her cocaine addiction and needs his help. She gives him the info of the hotel and room she’s staying in and he rushes there. He shows up to find a machine gun on a tripod, and bullet shells littered the room. He packs up the gun, picks up the shells and runs out. But as he runs out, people see his loud ass red hoodie.

And where was this gun? Right there. He opens up the case and it’s there. When they ask him why he took it, he says “every gun has a story.” Well Huck thinks the story is that his girlfriend was kidnapped. Sir, the story here is Becky set your ass up for the okey doke. Olivia tells him to stay in that office, so he can stay out of the public eye.

Breakfast and Spilled Tea – As Cyrus sits at home in his pajamas eating cocoa puffs or whatever, lamenting his critically injured BFF and lost job, the phone rings. It’s his wusband’s mother calling. When he asks her how James’ visit home the week before was, she tells him “what visit?” Oh. Welp. Tea spilled. I just KNEW Cyrus would know James was being nosy in Defiance, but guess not. Now he knows James is lying about something.

David Won’t Quit – David Rosen  is at a press conference where Olivia is talmbout the shooting. Afterwards, he approaches James and says that he wants to know what he found out about the election, since he said it was something major. Cyrus’ boo says he can’t talk about it and shakes him off. David, you’re STILL tryna go after this rigging thing and the Prez is LAID out in the hospital. Chill out, sir!

When Hollis Met Sally – Hollis Doyle shows up at the White House to talk to VP Sally, who tells him to get to the point. He slides an envelope towards her and you can’t help but know that the envelope can’t contain anything good or holy. That manipulative summabitch! Never up to any good!

Evidence Needed – Harrison and Abby are on a mission to get copy of the hotel security video showing the man in the red hoodie. When Harrison’s connect falls through, Abby says she might have someone. That person turns out to be David, who drops off what looks like a jumpdrive to the Gladiator office. This heffa invited the main prosecutor over to their office where they are HARBORING a possible suspect in the shooting of the POTUS. This is part of the reason why I can’t stand her.

Can’t Stop Huck – The gladiators watch the surveillance video and disprove Huck’s thought that Becky was kidnapped. But he was still in denial and was hellbent on proving them wrong so he says he will go find her himself. Harrison reminds him of Olivia’s orders and says Huck can only go by getting past him. Well, that wasn’t much of an obstacle because in a second, Harrison’s face was slammed on the table by Huck. FAHN gladiator in suit or trained killer? No contest.

scandal huck harrisonscandal huck harrison 2

The Huck Room – Huck heads to Becky’s apartment to search it down and he bangs on walls. He knocks on one that seems hollow and it turns out to be a trap door into a room that has his pictures ALL OVER IT. Welp. Can’t deny now. Your girlfriend is an evil goon, sir.

Supreme Blackmail – Sally visits a hairless Justice Verna in the hospital while holding the envelope Hollis left her. She demands Verna step down from the SCOTUS so she can appoint her person. When V is all “NAWL” Sally tells her she’ll ruin her legacy if she holds on to that seat, using facts that she clearly got from that dirty dog, Hollis. HATE HIM! And I hate her too!

Elevator Evidence – Liv is watching the video tape evidence with folks at the White House, including Sally. The face of the man in the hoodie isn’t visible, just his back. But they realize that the Little Red Riding Goon helped some lady pick up her phone while in an elevator and if they get the phone, they might be able to match the evidence. Oh, Lawd!

Watching and Waiting – Huck goes to sit outside of the house of his favorite family, which was his version of waiting for Becky. He falls asleep and is awoken by her cold gun on his neck. “WELCOME, CLARISSE” face! Pretty calmly, he asks her why she shot the President and tried to frame him. Becky was talmbout how she did him a favor by NOT smearing his DNA everywhere like she was supposed to. She then proposes that they run away together and be on some Bonnie & clyde thing. These two are insane.

Love of their Lives – Cyrus shows up at Olivia’s place and the two of them talk about President Ghost. Liv says VP Sally has her planning his funeral. Cy ain’t tryna hear that, saying “”He calls you the love of his life. Don’t you DARE give up on him.” YESSS!!! And as for his boo James, he believes he’s cheating on him. “My young, handsome slutty husband is cheating on me and I’m gonna grow old alone.” iCackled at “slutty.”

SCandal Slut James Cyrus gifSCandal Slut James Cyrus 2

Verna Be Knowing – Liv goes to see Verna in the hospital, and she got on her good wig for the occasion. She oughta teach these young’uns the art of rocking hairhats because her lacefront was PROPER! Anywho, she tells Liv that the Little Red Riding Goon looks a lot like Huck. Welp.

Evil Frolicking Goons – Becky comes home to find Huck sitting on the floor, among all the pics of him that she’s collected. This somehow leads to them having hot evil secks and then agreeing to run away together. Huck, what the hell?!?

Defiance Ain’t Cheating – Cyrus meets with Charlie, who he’s hired as a private investigator to follow James because he suspects him of cheating. Charlie tells him his boo ain’t cheating. He’s just been going to some small town in Ohio called Defiance. When Cyrus hears that D-word, he hops in his car! Welp. He knows now.

Huck’s Shade – Huck meets Liv in front of the White House to say goodbye because he’s leaving with Becky. She tells him that she’s just using him to protect herself and Huck replies with “I don’t tell you who to love.” SHADE! Love is blind, deaf, mute, dumb, remedial AND stupid in this case. SHE JUST GON USE YOU, ALMOND!

The SetUp Scheme – After sitting with himself for a bit, Huck calls Harrison and tells him to drop the gun at Becky’s apartment 10 minutes after they leave it together. This sounded too convenient, and something told me it wasn’t gon go right.

One Dinner and a Baby – James comes how to see a fancy romantic dinner set up by Cyrus. They sit to eat and Cyrus tells him that he’s finally ready to adopt a baby, which has been James biggest wish for a bit. Of course, James tears up and says “yes” to everything he says including him quitting his job to stay home with the tot. I SEE WHAT YOU DOING, CYRUS!

Left Them for DEAD – Huck goes to sit outside the house of his favorite family but none of them are eating dinner tonight. The place is empty, it seems. Something in the milk ain’t clean so Huck enters to find every member of the family dead, from gunshots to the wound. Even the dog. And the baby. And he hears a recording of his own voice from the conversation with Harrison asking for him to set Becky up. It was her “You thought you’d have me but GOTCHA!” And Huck looks devastated.

I. WAS. MURKED. Murked. Thug tears fell from my face during this scene. WHY DID BECKY HAVE TO KILL HUCK’S SPECIAL FAMILY??? Including the baby and the dog!!! BECKY! YOU EVIL BITCH!!!

Fantasia Fights Air gif

WHOO!!! My feelings were hurt!

James Knows Cyrus Knows – While shopping for cribs, James meets up with David. And he knows Cyrus knows about the information he has on Defiance, because Cyrus hates babies and the sudden change of heart is transparent. He gives David the memory card from the rigged machine for safe keeping. LAWDT! Everyone is a backstabber! Well, at least know James is cute AND smart.

Abby’s Slap and Secks – David walks into his apartment and sees Abby waiting. He approaches her and she stares at him then slaps him really hard twice. And wordlessly, she basically has her way with him, looking way too close to rape to me. And it made me uncomfortable. Oh, and she put her fingers in his mouth. Ew. I don’t know where her hands been so ew. Plus they’re both unsegzy so EW again.

When she’s done with him, she gets up and leaves. Never uttering a word. And it made me feel dirty.

Pick One, Sally – Justice Verna goes to Sally, who is expecting her letter of resignation from the SCOTUS. Instead, what VP gets is a choice. Verna tells her she can decide between two envelopes. One contains her resignation and the other contains the name of the Little Red Riding Goon. AW NAWL! Yeah. The League of Goons is officially over. Folks don’t e’em CURR no more about loyalty.

The Fallen Patriot – Huck is back at the Gladiators office looking catatonic. That family’s death has done some serious damage to him and Olivia an’ ‘em are trying to figure out how to track Becky down. Quinn opens the door of the hallway and the SWAT team swarms in. They’re there for Huck. WELP, we know what envelope Sally picked.

As they drag Huck away, Liv screams “what’s the charge?” “He is being held under the Patriot Act!” That basically means “we can hold him, not tell you what for and for however long we want.” Oh. Yeah. Ish is TRULY real now.

Scandal Huck gifscandal huck gif

And the ep ended.

But we see previews of the next episode, which isn’t coming on til January 10th. Huck is covered in blood, clearly being tortured. He screams “If the President is still alive, he is still in danger.” AW CRAP! Becky gon try to finish him like it’s Mortal Kombat.

*faints* At ALL of this. I just… I am unable. This episode felt like two hours because it was so action-packed. And it drained me. IT MADE ME WEARY, y’all!

Glass Case of Emotion gif

So now with the info we know, who do you think is behind Becky? Methinks VP Sally. I no longer think it’s Hollis. I also don’t think Huck’s random favorite family is so random. I feel like they were somehow connected to him before his CIA days. Nothing on this show is random so I doubt this family is too.


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