Bag Ladies

First, I need you to hear Erykah Badu’s song “Bag Lady” playing in your head. I’ll wait…..Do you have it? You Tube it if you have to.  Now read with the soundtrack playing in the background of your head.

Every woman who carries a handbag has a basic inventory of “must have” items that are included in her purse.  What makes that list depends totally upon the woman.  I like to sort them into four basic categories. Here they are with their criteria lol…

The Minimalist

She carries on of those tiny bags that can hold a driver’s license, credit card, tube of lip balm, a $10 bill, and exactly 62 cents in change.  They never need a tissue or nail clipper.

The Fashionista

This lady has 3 bottles of nail polish, 4 shades of eye shadow, Q-tips, lip gloss, lip stick, lip plumper, blush, tissues, spare fake lashes, polish remover, cotton balls, 2 mirrors, concealer, sunblock, moisturizer, mascara, eyelash curlers,  pressed powder, coupons for more makeup and oops! She’s headed back into the house because she forgot her driver’s license, her money, her keys and her flat shoes for driving…

“Well you never know when you might need…”

Fill in the blank. This lady carries makeup, but it’s in a little bag in her purse that she can transfer from bag to bag so she will never be without it, because that would be against everything that she stands for. She carries tissue, gum a mini sewing kit, several ink pens, business cards (both for her job-job, and her side gig), sunglasses, smart phone, small notebooks for scribbling out those impromptu blog ideas, her last 6 months worth of pay stubs from her job-job (just in case), a wallet, change purse, address book, assorted pieces of mail, something to read, lots of keys and other stuff of no use to anyone but herself…

The Boy Scout Mom

Now, she doesn’t necessarily have sons who are scouts, but she has adopted the Boy Scout motto, “Be Prepared”. She has everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING in her bag.  She is a cousin to the previous category but she goes the extra mile. Not only does she have anything that SHE might need, she has everything that her kids, her coworkers and the lady next to her on the train might need as well.  An extra pair of panty hose, diapers, a change of clothes for the kids, an emergency inhaler for her son, Advil, Neosporin and Band-Aids, snacks for everyone, rubber bands, paperclips, spare deodorant, travel sized toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, an umbrella, juice boxes, etcetera, etcetera..

So the question is, which Bag Lady are you?


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