Who Are You Reading?

So I read a number of blogs written by women who inspire me in different ways. Some are really popular, others, not so much. I’m always looking for posts to reblog and post as features on my blog because as those of you who read me regularly (all 5 of you!) know that I am pretty awful about writing and posting regularly. That doesn’t mean that I love you any less!

In the past I have tried to write daily, but that just doesn’t work for me. Past attempts at posting daily (i.e. 30 Day Photo Challenge) have garnered a smaller, (but greater none-the-less) degree of success. So I figure if I increase my posting by featuring other bloggers, it’s better than not posting at all. Plus, if it is something I’m interested in reading on someone else’s blog, maybe one of my readers might be interested in it too.

All that was to say that I am a big fan of an Alabama blogger who is known as @writeousbabe and she recently posted a blog giving 100 ideas for blogger’s block. “And for that, we thank you!” (in my best Daniel Tosh voice) I needed some new ideas. This post was actually supposed to be about the content of women’s pocketbooks (from the suggested list from @writeousbabe) but it has taken on a life of it’s own, and I am just going with it at this point!

There are so many talented, prolific and successful, female bloggers out there these days! I am constantly checking out other bloggers’ blogrolls to see who they read. I have come across lots of my favorites that way. Another way to find new blogs to read is to follow your favorite blogger on Twitter, and read who they are tweeting about. They often make great recommendations about who to read or follow. (#FF)

So check out my blogroll and find someone else’s blog that you might be interested in reading. I know I will always be your favorite, but it’s okay to read other blogs too!


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