Never Too Busy

How many times have you felt that you couldn’t handle one more thing on your ever-growing list of things to do? Ever felt guilty because your work obligations conflicted with one of your kids’ school related functions? Ever wished that you had a personal assistant? Who hasn’t had some of these thoughts? But have you ever thought that maybe you have taken on too much, and you just can’t handle it all? Most of us have a harder time with this notion than the ethical ramifications of cloning ourselves.

If you listed everything that you felt you had to do, you know, a “To Do” list.  Then forced yourself to narrow it down to 3 items or a “Must Do” list, what would you delete?  Would you put it on tomorrow’s list? Would you delegate the deleted tasks to someone with more time on their hands (like your teenager with the driver’s license that’s always looking for an opportunity to burn up your gas)? Or, would you just decide that some things, you just don’t have to take care of?

You could just buy some cupcakes for the bake sale instead of staying up until midnight making them, right? Well, yes you could, but would the other moms think less of you? Perhaps you could have just passed on that particular volunteer opportunity all together.  There is no law that you HAVE to participate in every single activity right??

So many of us are over-extended with “busy-ness” based upon how we think other people perceive us; especially how we think others perceive us as mothers.  We feel that the “best” mothers can do it all.  We should be able to be successful career women, accomplished homemakers, stellar room moms, fabulous team moms, perfect spouses, and the envy of all our peers.

Most of us spend all of our time between work, family, and all that goes along with work and family, trying to do everything right.  What we often don’t get right is balance.  So when was the last time you made time for your girl friends, or had a girls’ night out? Let’s not neglect our girls, sometimes they are your sole support system when you are feeling overwhelmed by your obligations.  Our friendships are frequently relegated to phone calls, emails and texts.  That’s fine in between face-to-face meetings, but they should not be the basis of your relationship!  You have to meet up for lunch or prepare a meal together at home. You could have a game night, a movie night or anything that allows you to look your bestie in the eye, clink her glass, and say “we should do this more often.”

Even more important than your friendships, you HAVE to make time for yourself. You can never be too busy to do something special for yourself.  Even something as small as buying your favorite magazine, nail polish or candy for yourself.  You don’t necessarily have to buy anything, sometimes the best gift you can give yourself is time alone.   



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