My Top Ten “Blast and Drive Fast” Girl Anthems

Yes, it’s been a long time since I posted and an even longer time since I was posting regularly.  Let’s agree to leave the past in the past and move forward.  I am going to do better, and in the spirit of being regular, I am going to add featured blogs to the mix.  Everything you read will not be written by me, but will be chosen by me to complement the things that I do write.  It’s okay, you’ll be fine.  You’ll like it, I promise. So the list goes like this, and don’t judge me…


1. Part of Me – Katy Perry
2. Countdown – Beyonce
3. Only Girl (In the World) – Rihanna
4. Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) – Kelly Clarkson
5. We Found Love – Rihanna
6. Bring Me to Life – Evanescence
7. God in Me – Mary Mary f. Kiki Sheard
8. My Life Would Suck Without You – Kelly Clarkson
9. Golden – Jill Scott
10. Dog Days Are Over –Florence+ the Machine


I have two teenage boys driving now, and I have at least three times fallen victim to starting my car and being blasted by the stereo.  My oldest is better about it as he has been driving for a year now, and now he has another car to drive.  My youngest on the other hand, recently got his license, and is still learning to put things back as he finds them in my car.  Specifically, turning the stereo down before turning the car off.  It also includes leaving every compartment over open, leaving straw wrappers in every cup holder, leaving coinage on the floormats (not really complaining about that) and returning the outside driver’s mirror to its original position, but I digress.
I try not to be too hard on them because I remember being a teen and driving around with my cassette player blasting Prince and the Revolution, The Time, Tears for Fears and The Police. Yes I am dating myself, it was the 80s, I’m 43, deal with it.  So I know that they ride around blasting the car stereos.  We have always asked that they be respectful and turn down their volume when they enter neighborhoods or while sitting at traffic lights with other cars.  I remember turning down my music as a teen too because my parents didn’t want the neighbors to complain about the noise.
Today, even though I am a mom, I still listen to some of the same music as my teenagers. Not all of it.  Some stuff just gets on my nerves. I have a pretty interesting mix of musical taste, and the style of music I listen to depends upon my mood and what’s going on. The list that inspired this blog is just a sampling of my favorite highway driving songs. On a rainy driving day, the list might be completely different.  I purposely didn’t include links to the songs, look them up for yourself if you are interested in hearing them. 🙂  Happy listening!

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