Positively Speaking

I am sure that many of you have at some point heard or read that you should actively seek to combat your own negative thoughts.  We each have an internal dialogue that for most of us, gives us negative messages.  As if the negativity from outside of ourselves isn’t enough, we also have to contend with the messages that we have programmed inside of ourselves.

I had read this and other things similar to this for years.  Recently I have tried to be more aware of those messages because I really didn’t think that it applied to me.  What I found was surprising.  I had never noticed how often I heard myself saying that I couldn’t do something, or that I wasn’t good enough, qualified enough, talented enough, thin enough, pretty enough, enough, enough, enough!!

Much like a gratitude journal infuses thankfulness and in turn attracts abundance, the same holds true about positivity.  It has been suggested that saturating your psyche with positive messages and images generates a positive outlook thereby attracts positivity.  So I decided to start small and place three sticky notes on my bathroom mirror.  1) Yes you do.  2) Yes you are.  3) Yes you can.  Whenever I think about plans or ideas and that voice says, “You can’t do that,” I think about that sticky that says “Yes you can.”  When I start having that negative dialogue, “You are too fat for this,” “you aren’t pretty enough for that,” the sticky note that tells me “Yes you are” comes to mind.  When I think that maybe I want to branch out and do something differently, and that voice says “You don’t have the drive to do that,” I can see that sticky that says “Yes you do!”

Now how many times have you put an appointment reminder or some reminder on your fridge door way in advance and you see it everyday, every time you go into the fridge?  After a while you stop seeing it right? Well apparently, subconsciously your brain is still getting the message even if you aren’t purposely reading it each time you pass by.  So when I’m brushing my teeth, combing my hair or tweezing eyebrows, I’m still getting those positive messages over and over again.  Yes I do, yes I can, and yes I am.  This along with being conscious of my words (i.e. stop saying “I can’t,” “I don’t have…,” or “I don’t think I am…”) will hopefully reprogram that voice in my head that might be keeping me from that thing that I am meant to do or be in life.  I will keep you posted. Yes I will!


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