Which Craft?

Homemade Christmas Ornament for Under $10

Wooden Alphabet Christmas Ornament    

 1. Start with a plain wood letter from any craft store.

2.   You will also need a screw eyelet, also found at craft stores in the framing department.

3.  Screw the eyelet into the top of the wooden letter by hand. 

4. Use a regular piece of scrapbook paper with a holiday motif.

5.  Trace the outline of the letter front side down on the BACK of the scrapbook paper.  Either cut with scissors just inside the traced line OR cut around the wood with an Exacto knife.

6.  You will need to  use a foam craft brush and Mod Podge. Paint the FRONT of the wooden letter with Mod Podge and carefully place the scrapbook paper cutout on the wet surface.

7.  Allow to dry.

8.  Flip the letter over and repeat steps 5 & 6 on the reverse if you want both sides decorated.

9.  After you have applied the paper cutout to the reverse side, (if you chose to cover the back) paint the entire letter with a coat of Mod Podge  and allow to dry.

10.  Add a colorful ribbon ($1.00 rolls of ribbon at craft stores, multi-design rolls at Target in their $1 bins!)

What you’ll need:

Wood Alphabet  $2.00

Oval Eye Screws $1.50

Foam Craft Brush $0.50

Mod Podge  $5.00

Scrapbook Paper $0.20


Total    $9.20


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