What to Do With All Those Books?

I am a big fan of a bargain, and I love books.  Recently I have visited a couple of thrift shops just to see what I could find.  I never usually check the book sections, but on these visits I did.  Well who knew?  I found all kinds of paperbacks, mostly in really good condition. Who gives away their perfectly good books? I guess I was so surprised because I never get rid of my books.  As a matter of fact, I’m always looking to expand my library.  Not in that special hoarder kind of way, I just enjoy being surrounded by books.  In my forever dream house in my mind, I will have a library and books will line the walls everywhere; even the hallways. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true.

Even in this day of electronic books and all of the sleek, cool looking readers, I still love an actual book with pages.  I guess people are trading their books for Kindles and Nooks and donating them.  Some of the books that I saw were brand new.  I will get rid of books that are dated, like old encyclopedias, but novels? Brand new, barely read novels? No way.  I rescued 6 this past week from the Goodwill store, and I plan to go back and get more. So keep donating your books! You know who you are.  They will find a new home soon, because I can’t walk past them and leave them there!


4 thoughts on “What to Do With All Those Books?

  1. I love books, too! I am an avid reader and don’t particularly like to give my books away either. However, to make room for more “new-to-me” books, I found a website called booksfreeswap.com where I can make a list of what I would like to read and then list the books I have that I wouldn’t mind swapping to another person to read. So I know when I do send them off, someone is going to give my book a new home. 🙂 Enjoyed your post! taylornorris.blogspot.com

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