Time to Write?

NaBloPoMo 2011

This week has been really busy for me at work, and I have not been doing a great job of keeping up with my writing goals.  When I wasn’t busy, I was really tired.  I was hoping to catch up some this weekend, but that hasn’t happened yet.  Maybe I can use that extra hour that we are getting tonight…  And since I am the glutton for punishment that you know me to be, I just registered (5 days late, today was the last day) for BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo (that sounds positively pornographic lol!)  or National Blog Posting Month, so I will also be attempting to blog daily this month.  This will be an exercise in discipline for sure.  So if you see me sitting by myself with a legal pad scribbling feverishly, know that I haven’t gone nuts.  I’m just trying to keep up or catch up!  Wish me luck!


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