The Problem With Internal Censorship

I have been experiencing what I like to call a “dry spell” with regards to my blogging, and writing in general.  There are times when I can make lists of the topics that I want to write about.  Then there are other times when nothing that I come up with is “good” enough.  Take now, for instance.  I have been beating myself up (in my head of course!) for a couple of weeks because I haven’t posted on skirt! or my personal blog.  There is no particular reason for this.  I have had the time.  My computer isn’t on the blink, plus there are several other computers that I could access.  I also have lots of ideas, no drought in that area either.

The problem, apparently, is the little “censor” in my head.  You know the one that keeps me from saying the first thing that pops into my mind when someone upsets me…  Well maybe you don’t know about the little censor because trust me, everyone doesn’t have one. (You know who you are!)  The censor is your own personal gatekeeper.  It says things to you like, “Maybe you shouldn’t say that. He is your boss after all” and “You can say it, but it’s not going to be pretty. Maybe you should clean it up and say it in a nicer way.”  Those are the ways that the censor can be helpful.  However the censor also has a more sinister side.  It can reject your original ideas so often that you begin to question your abilities.  You find yourself saying things like, “Maybe I shouldn’t write about that at all.  Someone may get the wrong idea about me,” or “I don’t want to put myself out there like that” or the worst for me, “I will write something later, when I can find the perfect topic.”

Unfortunately, there is no perfect topic, and that censor can make you think that nothing you have to say is worth putting into print.  So, I am out to slay the censor!  I have put the little censor on blast, and I am posting this to my personal blog and my skirt! blog.  I’m letting everyone know that while I am aware that there is a time and a place for everything I say, in my blog, especially my personal blog, there’s no such thing as “not good enough,” and anything that I choose to type is worth posting.


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