I Am Not Your Moon

I am not your moon
I will not spend half my time in your shadow,
hidden from the light.
Only allowed to “shine” by reflecting you.
Only allowed to be my full self for a
few days each month.
I am not the one.
I cannot be content
to travel an orbit around you,
the Sun.  A big star,
your many planets whirling about,
our paths crossing once every blue.
I am not yours.
I am a star in my own right.
Maybe not shining as brightly as you, and
with fewer planets, but a sun just the same.
My universe is not centered around you, and
I don’t expect yours to be centered around me.
I can’t be that chick.
But with timing and intent, two stars can
shine simultaneously,
with their respective planets in orbit,
without colliding or falling into any black holes.
The sky is limitless, and I am many things.
But I am no one’s moon.

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