Google Addict

“Congratulations, according to our experts, you are: 83% addicted to Google.” I admit it. I am a Google addict.  The test confirmed what I already knew, and reassured me that it wasn’t as bad as I thought. After talking with a few friends and co-workers, I know that I am not alone.  Countless others are hopelessly dependent upon the boundless knowledge source that is Google.  Let’s face it, you can find everything from the pair of shoes that you saw on a tv show to your best friend from fourth grade. You can find the lyrics to a song you sang at Girl Scout camp in second grade, or the obscure restaurant that you saw in the scenery of your favorite movie. Google is awesome! So since I already know that you are out there, I am asking all you other GA’s to. Come out of your virtual closets and make yourself known. Follow the link, and take the quiz. I will even share my answers with you.


1. Do you visit Google daily?  Yes. Multiple times.

2. Is Google your search engine of choice? Yes. I don’t like the way Yahoo looks, and I would never use Bing. I am Google loyal.

3. Do you use more than 3 Google products? Yes. Chrome, Images, Picasa, Mobile, Maps, Earth, Gmail, Reader, Scholar, Desktop, Books, Toolbar, oh, ummm, YES, definitely.

4. Do you use Google to look up the spelling of words? Yes, occasionally.  I’m a pretty good speller, but sometimes when a word just doesn’t look right, I use Google to confirm or check a spelling.

5. Do you use Google to do Math for you? Yes, I hate math.

6. Do you search for your friends’ names on google to see what comes up? Yes. Sometimes I check myself to see what comes up too.  I want to be the first to know if something new pops up.

7. Do you think Google knows more about you than your parents do? Yes. Not in a bad way though. Google knows the title of the research poster presentation that I did in 2009. I don’t think my mom does.  Sometimes I don’t remember either, so I look it up on Google.

8. Do you look forward to every holiday to see what new logo Google would have? Yes.  I love some of their designs! I also like that they sometimes celebrate things we wouldn’t ordinarily like Sir Isaac Newton’s birthday.

9. Would you give up a body part to work for Google? Uhhh, no. (Hence my score of 83%)

10. Do you own anything with a Google logo on it? No, but I’m open to donations.  If I had something, I would wear or display it proudly.

11. If there was a Google brand food would you buy it? Yes I would give it a try.

12. Do you think the axis of evil is made up of Yahoo, MSN and AOL?Absolutely! Who doesn’t?

My fellow Google enthusiasts, stand up and be counted!  Take the quiz, admit your addiction and post your score as a comment! Google Addicts Unite! Also, if you are interested, there is a Facebook page called Google Addicts Anonymous!


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