Breaking All the Rules

A friend of mine shared with me how morale on her job was at an all-time low. It seems that one of her co-workers has been consistently doing things that are against company policy and getting away with it. Everything from dress code violations to neither calling nor showing up on some days. This person comes to work late and leaves early, but never requests to use leave time. At lunch time, this person makes personal phone calls during the lunch hour, and when everyone else comes back from the designated lunch period, this person proceeds to sit down and have lunch in the work area. To top it all off, their supervisor never says anything.

My friend’s co-workers are all stupefied that nothing has been said or done regarding this person’s actions. They are feeling like this person is being allowed to get away with things that no one else could get away with. They are feeling powerless, and they are beginning to wonder why they should bother following the rules when apparently there are no consequences for doing so.

think if I was in her situation, I would feel the strong urge to break a rule just for the hell of it to see what would happen. However, I would be the one to get disciplined, just because that is what happens to me when I step out of line! How would you handle a situation like this??


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