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Top 10 Comfort Foods

Last week, I polled a few of my co-workers about their favorite comfort foods.  It’s funny how many of their answers were the same, but also how some were so different! Not to mention some of the regional favorites due to people growing up in different places.  Because we are technically in “the South,” the usual Southern suspects showed up.  But there was at least one really Northern dish (pierogies) that didn’t get enough votes to make the final list.  The finalists are as follows:

10.  Lasagna

9.  Meatloaf

8.  Grilled Cheese

7.  Chicken Potpie

6.  Chicken & Dumplings

5.  Ice Cream

4.  Chocolate

3.  Mashed Potatoes

2.  Macaroni & Cheese

1.  Fried Chicken


Take a minute and vote for your favorite comfort food(s) in the poll below!



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