Photo Challenge

I am an amateur scrapbooker and I am not ashamed to admit it!  I think it’s just that I don’t put enough time into it.  Plus, I don’t take enough pictures.  I have great cameras, (yes plural) and I have access to a camera at work.  I can also print my own pictures at work and at home.  I have no excuse other than I just don’t do it.  I admire those who do, like my cousins who get together and scrap, and a former co-worker who goes to twice monthly “crops” at her church. 

I love buying scrapbooking magazines and seeing all the creative layouts.  I have purchased all sorts of embellishments and tools (on sale of course) and I am not making good use of them.  So my challenge to myself is to first, take more pictures, hence the title.

In this challenge, I propose to take at LEAST one photo each day for thirty days.  I will also post the pictures. (there’s a challenge in itself!)  At the end of the challenge I should have a minimum of thirty pictures to put into layouts and complete pages. 

Think about taking the challenge yourself if you don’t take as many pictures as you would like to.   I am going to attempt to take artistically interesting photos.  I will have to be creative because the pictures that I take at work can not have the faces of my students, so be prepared to see lots of hands and backs of heads in my pictures!  Let’s get snapping!


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