A Few Words on Doing Nothing

There are only a few things more enjoyable to me than a day with no obligations.  You don’t have anywhere to go, and there’s nothing you HAVE to do.  Of course there’s always something that could be done, but today is not the day for that.

It’s simply a day of leisure.  Eat if you feel hungry, but don’t feel obligated to cook.  Run to the store for that special something you’ve been craving, but don’t feel compelled to grocery shop for the week.  Watch those shows you’ve recorded during the week, or a marathon of some reality show that you’ve been missing.  Talk on the phone all day, or turn of the ringer and let the machine or voicemail take your calls.  Read (or re-read) a good book in one sitting (or one weekend.) And of course there is the ever important, and often elusive, afternoon nap.

It’s always a nice thing to do for yourself.  Sometimes it’s absolutely necessary to have this type of day to recharge your battery and restore your outlook.  It’s like staring at a puzzle for hours, taking a break (or an overnight) and returning to the puzzle with new eyes.  You almost immediately find what you were looking for, or at least something that you could not see before.  A fresh perspective can make you not only see things differently, but you may actually feel differently about things in your life as well.  So go ahead!  Take a day, and do “nothing!”

Deidra Griffin-Harry also blogs at skirt.com/ivygirl and can be followed on Twitter @pinkmelange.


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