Good TV vs. Good Friends

It never fails. As soon as you are set to watch your favorite television show, a good friend, whom you haven’t talked to in while, calls you on the telephone to chat. For an hour. It happens to me a lot. Tonight it was the season premier of Project Runway on Lifetime. On multiple occasions it has been True Blood on HBO. It has also happened during Grey’s Anatomy on ABC. Yes I watch a lot of TV, and I have several “favorite” shows. I just wonder, what compels our friends to call at exactly 9:00pm on any given night of the week? Do they do it on purpose, or does it just happen coincidentally?

Obviously these friends aren’t watching the same stuff that I watch or they wouldn’t be on the phone. All I can say is my friends are lucky that I have a DVR and I don’t mind using it! When I look my caller ID and I see it’s one of my besties, I hit the record button and answer the phone. While I love my TV shows, I love my girlfriends more, and they always come first. As long as there is recording space on my DVR.


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