Today was one of those days where I had to leave home at 7:30am and return home at 9:00pm. After work, I had to attend a leadership seminar and then a data workshop. I was already sleepy from being up late the night before, so I spent most of the day dreading the evening’s activities. In thought I was going to be fighting to stay awake the entire time, but it really wasn’t that bad. However I am feeling it now. I got home, turned on the tv and set the DVR for my favorite shows (one already in progress when I got here). Now I’m getting ready for bed, and I plan to be under the covers by 10. I am seriously considering calling in sick tomorrow (a mental health day, you know?) my class is going on a community outing and I probably will not have to go with them, so I would be sitting around doing paperwork all morning. Instead of that, I could stay home, sleep late, watch tv, clean up and relax. What would you do?


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